Teddy Caplan



Bio: Teddy Caplan was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2000. He is currently a junior at Taylor Allderdice High school. He predominantly works in the medium of ink and watercolor painting but also works in photography, drawing, ceramics, jewelry, and baking. The courses that he has studied include: The Pittsburgh Center For the Arts, Filmmakers, The Pittsburgh Glass Center, The Art Connection at the Carnegie Museum, The Manchester Craftsman's Guild, and a three year internship at Bella Christie bakery in baking and cake decorating. From 2009- 2014, his art was featured in an annual exhibition in the Hall of Sculpture at the Carnegie Museum of Art. His most recent work was a trip to Yellowstone National Park where his photography was exhibited at the Gallery Crawl in Pittsburgh. He traveled to Stamford Connecticut this summer and participated in the JCC Maccabi ArtsFest. Teddy was the solo artist in a gallery showcasing event featured at the new Perlora Loft in November, 2016. Now, Teddy is currently working on several commissioned ink and watercolor paintings

Art Showing:

Perlora Lofts on 11/18/16